Meet the Finishes.

Special Finishes

We recommend you Request a Sample of our Special Finished Products. It is hard to see how great they are just by reading the descriptions below.

3D Lenticular Print is when you move your card up and down and your 2 or 3 images swap creating an animated effect, each image vanishing and then reappearing. Great for photographers, creative thinkers, or anyone who doesn’t want to be limited to one picture.


Silk Laminated cards portray class and sophistication. It has a luxurious silky feel to the touch and is water and tear resistant. There are our hottest selling item for Business Cards but can be used for almost any of our card products.

AkuaFoil is a coating that gives your colors a “candy paint” look. It also has a semi-reflective glow that really makes it pop. Recommended for use on your logo or slogan. Most often used on Business Cards, Stickers, and Postcards.

UV Gloss Coating, Spot UV Gloss Coating
UV Coating is a clear liquid spread over the paper like ink and then cured instantly with ultraviolet light. This gives your product the ultra-glossy look…our highest gloss. If you want to accent a particular spot on your print like your logo, you can use Spot UV Gloss Coating and it will only be high gloss on the part you’ve chosen.



Spot UV Gloss

Spot UV Gloss



Uncoated stocks are best used for when you need to fill out information by hand on your printed piece. Most commonly used for Appointment Cards.

Matte finish is a dull coating, no-gloss finish, without luster. It doesn’t shine or reflect light. Text can be easier to read on matte finish papers than on glossier finishes.

Gloss is your standard, mid-range glossy finish.

Aqueous Gloss
is a clear coating that provides a high gloss surface which protects the surface from dirt, smudges, fingerprints and scratch. It is smooth and semi-reflective.

Satin Aqueous Gloss is our most dull gloss finish. Dull doesn’t mean boring here; some prefer a low gloss for a look that meets their company’s brand.

Raised Ink
printing is when a special powder is adhered to a document. It is then heated, and the powder and ink mixture dries to form a raised effect on the paper.


Litho (Labels) is a smooth, matte coating, used on labels. Glossy Labels are available, but Litho may be necessary for labels that need to be written on.

High Gloss & Semi-Gloss (Posters)
A high gloss sheen to help catch attention. 2.) A semi-gloss sheen that lets your colors speak for themselves and may be necessary in areas that have an abundance of lighting.

5 mil. Gloss Laminte (Posters, Rigid Signs) is a thin layer of synthetic material applied or “laminated” over the image side of a printed piece. In addition to either a gloss or matte finish, it adds durability and a degree of moisture protection.

1.5 mil Gloss Laminate (Window Perf) helps protect the design of your Window Perf from the elements without taking away from the impact of your design.

2 mil Laminate (Dry Erase Wall Graphic) is a clear film added to your Wall Graphic if you want the surface to become a Dry Erase space without using nails, glue or tacs. Recommended for Calendars, Fantasy Draft Boards, etc.